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EMERGENCY NEWS: Johannesburg is experiencing the worst drought since the 1970's. No one knows how long this drought will last. What you can do: to keep your garden thriving, plant water wise plants and contact us to install a grey water tank system. It's also a good idea to begin a rain harvesting system for when it does rain, which will help assist your water supplies for years to come.


We've been building quality properties since 1976. Commercial, residential, civil and concrete; large buildings, schools, factories, warehouses, post offices, depots, police stations, residential houses, old age homes and more.  

What do you need?

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Do you have immediate needs: a broken geyser, a fountaining water pipe, a malfunctioning toilet, flooding requiring a storm drain, health-affecting damp & mold, changing outside lights to LED movement detection for improved security, or a roof now needing repairs?

Or perhaps something simple yet game-changing, like a fresh coat of paint, inside and out?

Or do you dream of gutting a room or house and creating an ergonomic, tailor-designed kitchen, luxurious bathrooms, stylish yet practical rooms to rent out, a water-wise household?

Whatever your needs, we'll sort out the urgent issues or help you create a living space you'll be happier in.

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From shelving and cupboards to beds and desks, corner larders to smart storage, strong trellises for large walls, an outside patio/braai extension area - you know what's on your wish list.  When we've discussed it, we can turn it into reality.

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