* Quality and service is not expensive. It's priceless *

Cornerstone Construction opened its doors in Johannesburg in 2010, when Willie and Lanie van der Laan moved from Richards Bay. Willie has been in construction and building since 1976 and his experience is vast. Under his watch, large projects such as warehouses, factories, police stations, post offices, several shopping centres, two hospitals, several schools, government buildings, Livesaver's building and ablution blocks and residential houses have been completed, to everyone's satisfaction.

Willie and his team are ferocious regarding the small things. Nothing escapes their attention (and if it does it is rectified). Willie believes that the quality is in the details; big or small, what is created or fixed is meant to last.

In Johannesburg, Cornerstone Construction has quickly gained a reputation for getting things done the right way and for being there for both big and small projects, emergencies, makeovers and bespoke work.

Willie is also interested in ergonomics and practicality. He and his team happily share their knowledge of what works best and how to maximise space when discussing makeovers and designs. Kitchens and bathrooms especially benefit from this. When you work with Cornerstone Construction, you know that small or big, creation or repair, the work will be of practical, solid, beautiful quality.