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"We highly recommend Cornerstone Construction & Plumbing. My husband and I keep returning to Cornerstone Construction for our building, bespoke and emergency requirements. Willie and his team consistently do quality work, in good time, and it seems they can do anything."

Alicia Thomas-Woolf

“We had to rebuild our flatlet. A terrible wind took the roof off and it rained for days after. Water poured inside. Willie van der Laan was so helpful. He’s a very good guy. The team had to rebuild the cupboards and replace the floor and the roof and all the related things. Their work was excellent. We are on a plot, quite far, so the team decided to sleep here while they were working. It was a pleasure to have them, they were quiet and tidy and professional. We are very happy with the results."

Alta Duvenhage

"I think Willie is marvelous. I have handed out his number to so many people. Even my (very happy) neighbour has hired Cornerstone Construction.I gutted my two bedroom double-story cluster. I was under a deadline to move in and he took that seriously. He did everything for me. It was so nice to deal with one person; and nothing was too much trouble. Most people complain about construction not being finished on time but Willie and his team did what they needed to and they finished on time. One month. Two new bathrooms, kitchen, new carpets, tiles throughout, painted throughout inside. When they were finished, he said, live in the house a while, write a snag list and let me know. He made sure that everything was perfect."

Kim Hawkridge

“Cornerstone Construction has built for me a triple garage, a flat, all my kitchens and bathrooms. Willie took out old windows and replaced them, he and his team even replaced the ceiling. From planning to electrical and everything in between, Willie has awesome knowledge and his team can do it all. I am very happy with the results. They are reliable and professional and I recommend them."

Stef Fourie

"Our bathroom was completely gutted and redone. Cornerstone Construction kept everything neat and tidy between visits and it was a pleasure to work with them. We were extremely happy with Willie and his team. The bathroom is exactly like I wanted!"

Angela Perfect

“I’ve had some weird and wonderful problems, difficult jobs. Willie van der Laan and his team members are problem solvers. They apply out the box thinking to specific problems. They pay attention to details and are committed. Once I had electrical problems. I had two main boxes and Willie pointed out that the cabling was not standard. It was a job to get it right but they did it. Another time there were connection problems between old water pipes in an old house and the water pipes in the new extension. They got it sorted.
Cornerstone Construction has done some work on a couple of properties I handle and my own. I trust Willie and his people. Willie has EQ, you can talk to him. His team arrives on time, when they leave the place it’s clean. You can know if they say it will be done by a certain time it is. I’m happy."

 Johan Loock 

“We highly recommend Willie van der Laan for his transparency in all matters related to painting and general home maintenance. Willie and his team carried out the work to the highest standards and completely met our expectations in terms of service delivery."


Cornerstone Construction renovated my bathroom and main bedroom. The workmanship was outstanding and the work ethic outstanding. If I asked Willie to do something, it was done. Everyone who sees my bathroom says it’s superb. The team was great, neat and trustworthy and capable. It was such a pleasure to have them around and to work with them. WIllie always communicated, I always knew what was happening when. I only have wonderful things to say about Willie as a person, his business and the members of the construction team. I wish them only good things. They were just fantastic.

Linda Davidson

“We had two fairly major projects. Bathrooms, tiling, converting the garage into fully equipped apartment with kitchenette. Willie would never tell us want to do, but guide us in our decisions. He made us think, like choosing tile colours in differently lit places. We learned to choose the colours that we liked in both light and shadow. We leveled out the whole garden and built a carport and a garden shed. Willie also recreated the garden. Landscaping is not his primary work but we did not want to use anyone else. He replanted trees, grass, stepping stones, sourced and planted plants. He reinforced our swimming pool and replaced the pumps. Our geyser burst, he fixed that too.  The first project was 3 months and the other was 2. He was there daily.

Now, we were not the easiest of clients. We changed our minds a lot. Even if something was finished and it was exactly what we had asked for, if we weren’t 100% happy he would change it. No matter how many changes, even if they were half way through, he always made our minds feel comfortable. Even with our changes, final cost came very close to estimated costing and time. And you can't argue with Willie about quality. He has standards he sticks to. He told my husband, "I am only using the best quality otherwise I will be back here in six months."

Willie made building a comfortable and exciting experience. His excitement and his passion was infectious. His passion and enthusiasm is for making the customer happy. He is honest, his people are honest and they are hundred percent reliable. Not many people will refer construction companies but our experience with Willie and his team makes us enthusiastic.”

Vanette van der Merwe